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The Birchwood Associate Program is being extended for a limited time.  Under this program you will be able to lock in monthly dues through the entire year of 2016 at the rate of $100 per month.  If you play golf, have a family, enjoy dining out and having pool access during the summer, this is a great plan.  Available to former members after the one year wait out period.  This program is not extended to current members of Birchwood.  For an application, click here.

Members of Birchwood Park, Inc., shall be elected as follows:  Every candidate for membership shall be proposed to the Board of Directors by a member, and seconded by two other members, none of whom shall be a member of the Board of Directors, and to each of whom such candidate shall be personally known.  The proposed candidate’s name and address along with the members by whom he was proposed, and seconded, to be placed upon the notice board in the Club for fifteen days.  Call or email today for special membership opportunities.
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