Our History

On January 27th, 1960 at 11:33 AM, Thad Eure approved a new corporation in North Carolina; Birchwood Park, Inc.  A small group of local residents loved the game of golf and wanted their own course.  They got together, made plans and provisions and presto - Birchwood was "born".  The members themselves planted the trees on the course which were donated by a member, Wilton Hedgepeth.  The number 8 fairway would not grow grass so the members used "natural" fertilizer to get it started.  The Club is surrounded by a quiet neighborhood consisting of generational families and transplanted families.

     The land for the Club was purchased from the Mayo family in 1960. The course was started with 9 holes and designed by Mr. L. A. Newnham, the former Pro from Wilson Country Club. The original Clubhouse is now the home of Tommy Sasser; it was removed from the original site behind the number 1 tee to its current location on Clarendon Drive in Nashville. 200 members paid fees for 8 months before the Club opened.

     The first play was on August 7, 1960 with a shotgun start at 1:00 PM. The new clubhouse was designed by Dove Knight and Associates and built in 1968. The previously planned back nine was built by the members and opened for play on August 1, 1972.

     Over the years Birchwood has weathered many storms - hurricanes, droughts, and economic downturns - but perhaps the most devastating was the fire in 1994. The clubhouse was reduced to a burned out hull and everyone wondered would it rise again like a Pheonix. And that is exactly what happened. The meeting was held with Tim Oakley, a local architect and House Chairman Ed Griffin. They toured the remnants of the old building and an agreement was made to begin the demolition/construction of the new clubhouse between September 1st and September 10th and so it began. The clubhouse renovations were completed and the clubhouse reopened in late July of 1995. Birchwood now has a great clubhouse which houses the Golf Shop, 19th Hole at Birchwood, and the Birchwood Ballroom with offices and a Senior room on the lower level. Birchwood also had a pool located behind the clubhouse.  The pool is now located across the street from the main club house with beach volleyball and tennis courts.

Birchwood Country Club
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